Indah Jaya Group spinning mills produce high quality cotton yarns for many different uses. There are a total of 10 spinning plants in Indah Jaya Group spinning mills. Each of these plants is designed for different yarn uses with some flexibility, in order to keep up with the rapid changing market demand.

Most of our spindles capacities are utilized to produce high quality knitting and weaving yarns. Our target is to maintain high quality and consistent yarns with the support of modern machinery, well established systems, and most importantly, the right quality of raw materials. Clear understanding of yarn quality requirement for different end uses, down to earth systems and technical development also helped our mills to achieve consistent yarn quality. Over the years, we are successful in establishing a name in this market, mainly because of the types of cottons that we use (Australian, American, and Greek etc.) and also with the support of the best contamination clearers in blow room and winding.

We are also among the best quality manufacturers for both open end and ring denim yarns. We use the right raw materials and the best machines to produce these yarns. Our slub yarns are also very well accepted in the market.

Indah Jaya Group also produce stretch yarns (CSY) for all kinds of different purposes. Besides that, our spinning units also produce yarns made out of Giza cotton for high quality towels and organic cotton yarns for special export markets. Right from the start until now, our yarns are well-known in the market.