"In the gratitude for the life we are given,
we need to ensure that this world is a better place when we leave,
than it was when we came."
-Henry Ford-

As a leading textile manufacturer in Indonesia, Indah Jaya Group is setting an example by going green. We realize the importance of environmental friendliness, which plays a huge part in the quality of life for the next generation. Since spinning industry consumes a lot of power, we try our best to reduce the power consumption by using gas engines with direct fired chillers (BROAD), to utilize the energy available in the exhaust gas of gas engine instead of using normal chillers. Indah Jaya Group is also equipped with BROAD non-electric conditioning, which is a super energy-saving system. Compared to conventional electric air conditioning, the energy efficiency of BROAD non-electric air conditioning is 2 times higher, while its CO2 emissions are 4 times lower.