Terry Palmer

Terry Palmer is one of most hygienic and clinically proven towel in the world. It is made out of 100% Combed Cotton for extra plush softness and maximum absorption. Terry Palmer is truly the prefect luxurious towel for your beautiful skin.

Terry Palmer Premium

Terry Palmer Premium’s combination of soft and dove colors will set you in a relaxed mood. This 100% Cotton towel will provide excellent absorption and comfort.

Terry Palmer Concept

Terry Palmer Concept are specially designed for those creative young executives, who are energetic and not afraid to try new things in life. The harmonious interplay of colors is perfected by the amazing softness of the towels. Terry Palmer Concept truly reveals your true colors.

Terry Palmer Exclusive

100% Cotton. Exclusively made for Metro Department store.

Terry Palmer Highend

100% Cotton. Exclusively made for Metro Department store.

Merah Putih

Merah Putih is the best selling towel among all Indonesian family. Made from 100% cotton, this towel offers good quality, but at a very affordable price. It also provides good absorption that will leave a quick dry feeling on the skin. We guarantee that this towel comes in your favorite color, as it offers more than 30 different colors to choose from. Merah Putih towel is truly the number one choice for Indonesian family.

Cotton Club

Cotton Club offers 100% cotton high quality towel that provides good comfort and absorption. Accompany your loved one and capitalize the experience.


PIO are printed towels with colorful design perfect for kids and teenagers. The 8 different bright color combinations, makes all the cartoon characters come to life.


‘Simplicity’ is the only word to describe this towel. Made from 100% cotton, this towel simply offers good quality, design, and comes at an affordable price.


100% Cotton.


100% Cotton.

Wonderful Indah Jaya

Exclusively made for Hotels.

Welcome Home

The perfect bathmat for your bathroom and around your house. This bathmat provides excellent softness to your feet.

Home Sweet Home

‘Home Sweet Home’ is the first thing you will feel when you step inside your house, as this bathmat gives you extra comfort, and a very warm welcoming feeling.