Located at 30 hectares area on industrial district near Jakarta, and close to the biggest seaport in Indonesia - Indah Jaya location is best suited to guarantee reliable supply and delivery of our high quality towels. Indah Jaya is supported by the best standard processing systems as indicated by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 awards, as well equipped with modern and suited equipments and machines. Production processes starting from product design to completion of ready-to-sell products which is done by dedicated and well-trained professionals to efficiently produce the best towel products. Indah Jaya's firm commitment to environmental protection is exemplified by the implementation of reliable environmental control systems which has been implemented in recycled waste water processing.


To emphasis our top commitment on quality, Indah Jaya have awarded the ISO 9001 certification in year 2000. Indah Jaya is fully committed to sustain its highest quality consistency to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Design Development:

As part of our effort to give a broad service to our customers, Indah Jaya has set up a strong in-house design team. The team works to transform customers' ideas and requirements into towel design artworks. This service has enabled our customers to offer more towel varieties into their respective markets.

Safety, Health, and Environment

Acquired ISO 14001 certification in year 2001, PT Indah Jaya continues to implement the highest standard of safety procedure in order to provide healthy working environment to our employees as well as community nearby. A new waste treatment facility has been installed to achieve a friendly environment.

Vendor Information

Type : Manufacture
Annual Volume : US$ 400.000.000 (Turnover)
Year Established : 1962
Total # of Staff : 200
Ownership : Privately Owned

Product Information

Towel : Dobby & Jacquard Towel

Yarn : Cotton Carded & Combed 16/1, 20/1, 24/1, 30/1, 32/1, 40/1, etc

Knitted Fabric : Single Jersey


Factory Information

Factory Size (sq. ft.) : Factory Land 35 HA, Factory Space 20 HA # of Employees: 4000
Monthly capacity : 1300 TONS (towel); 14000 TONS (Yarn)
Equipment & Machinery : Spinning , Knitting , Weaving, and Dyeing Finishing Machines